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July 8, 2012
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Neptunia-love you too- by K-Nashi Neptunia-love you too- by K-Nashi
I can't have enough of this sad theres so few fanart of them. I wonder if theres any good fanfic with this pair though

I've been drawing a neptunia yuri doujin name lately..maybe ill draw some at the end of this year.(most likely to be...r-18)

consider this a "sequel" to my earlier pic.

Neptunia and characters are not owned by me
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Seriously, this is enough!
How could you crackship these two innocent girls? They're friends! FRIENDS you hear me?
Their love is innocent and chaste! Involving no more than hand holding!

Uni/Noire, Neptune/Nepgear however, are genuine, with bonds tighter than that of lovers!
BLASPHEMY!!! hand holding?? thatsnot the onlything they do yo know!!! theres one scene where Uni looked at Nepgear...and BLUSHED!! you hear that?? BLUSHED!!! it cant get anymore canon tha that!!!

and c mon man..uni/noire and nep gear/neptune are SISTERS!!! how could you ship sisters???? ewwwwwwwww!!!
Well, look at Saki and Nodoka!! Not only they look at each other and blush, sleep with each other without underwears, hold hands, talk in private, exchange items, get wet (under the rain) together, hug, bath together... still they're certainly not canon, see?

Wh-what? Accusation much? I don't ship sisters (unless it's Totori/Ceci, Bette/Kate, Rei/Yoshino, Nina/Anna, Kanade/Yukino... I mean, err merde! Scrap that!! I... I don't! Like, at all!) I was just pointing out how close they are!
Great job, and Nepgear/Uni is my favorite HN couple as well! Although the HNV version of Neptune and Noire continues to gain steam the longer I play...

I love the composition of the piece, starting with the basic contrast between them and going from there. I especially like the job you did with their hair, as I can visualize the wind blowing through the picture because of that. Hope to see more of your work with these two, because they're just adorable!
ehehehhe Thx, I just played NepV recently , havent got too far though....but I actually loves epxPlutia from the get go!! damn, Plutia S/M tendency just add to it :"D

as for NepxNoire I havent seen any good scene yet, does it get any better later in the game?
FiaHotori Feb 17, 2013
Skye-Izumi Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this pairing.

However I like Rom and Nepgear just a litle bit more.
ohh~~ Nepgear x Rom chirper events are one of my favoites the scenes are so sweet~~ I like the pairing too but tsundere/oblivious pairing is just too hard for me to resist~
even better than the last one! i see you actually took my advice on nepgears hair lol this one has a lot more detail and you fixed unis ribbon although i didnt even though i didnt notice the missing stripes until i saw this one i also like how nepgear is on the right this time making her d-clip visible another good job
hehe thank you~ ^^
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